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Here we present a quick overview of the content and lessons available.

Heat Tracing Design - Basic/Intermediate

This learning module has been aimed at electrical designers who already have an awareness of electrical distribution systems and simple mechanical theory.

It is assumed that the designer has little or no knowledge of heat tracing and wishes to be able to design relatively simple heat tracing pipework.

By the end of the learning module the designer will;

·         Understand what heat tracing is used for and the industry areas it can be used in

·         Understand the main technology used in heating of complex piping systems

·         Understand the relevant international standards that govern heat tracing

·         Be able to calculate the amount of heat required to maintain a pipe at a particular temperature

·         Analyse large or small piping systems and be able to break it down into manageable and logical groups

·         Allocate the correct heating cable to the system

·         Choose the correct ancillaries required to complete the system

·         Calculate the power requirements for the heating systems

Here is a copy of the content tree for the course;

Heat Tracing Design - Advanced

This learning module has been aimed at electrical designers who already have a solid understanding of basic to intermediate heat tracing knowledge. Its aim is to expand on that knowledge and expand into some of the more advanced areas of heat tracing.

By the end of this learning module the designer will;

·         Understand all the various heat tracing technologies

·         Calculate stabilised heat tracing designs

·         Calculate heat losses from vessels, tanks and other equipment

·         Design underground heating

·         Calculate Raise and Maintain losses

·         Design Road, pavement and stair heating

·         Design Long-line heating systems

·         Introduction to skin-effect heating systems

·         Long line considerations.         

·         Look at complex control and monitoring systems