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Heat Tracing Design, calculations for system design

The Heat Tracing E-Academy is a structured lesson format which allows students to progress through a well documented lessons covering various topics of heat tracing. Throughout their learning experience they will be presented with short test/exams to ensure that they are absorbing the information that has been presented to them.


The lessons can be taken at a students leisure and they will be supported by an on-line 'Professor' should they have any questions.

Heat tracing, Trace Heating or Surface Heating is the method of heating and/or maintaining temperatures in pipelines, tanks/ vessels and pipeline equipment. This website is intended to provide an on-line resource for heat tracing education and learning. If you want to learn how to design heat tracing, this is the place you need to be.

The courses are presented in easily readable and understandable sections and can be studied at your own pace. If you have any questions or problems during your study, help is available through our messaging system or via email for any questions or problems you may encounter as you progress through the course.
You will be presented with a completion certificate at the end of successful passing of each course or lesson.

We don't simply give you links to software or design programs that will design the system for you. We provide the in-depth knowledge and theory to design a full system by yourself with nothing more than a calculator. The content in the courses have been taken from over 20 years of experience and condensed into easy to understand courses.

Upon completion of these lessons, you will be provided with a certificate of completion which is endorsed and supported by ETHIC, the Electric Trace Heating Industry Council. You can read more about these courses and more in general about the heat tracing industry at their website - www.ethic-global.com

To use this site, simply register on the left. It is free to do so.

Note that lessons on this site have to be purchased before they can be viewed. Visit www.ethic-global.com to enquire or place an order for lessons.

Once you have ordered your lesson simply add it to your basket and enrol for the lesson. Once it has been confirmed that you have paid for the lesson it will be available for you to view and progress through the unit.

Available Courses

We currently have the following courses available;

  • Heat Tracing Design - Beginners/Intermediate
  • Heat Tracing Design - Advanced


  • Installation of electric heat tracing
  • Troubleshooting installations